Elisa Teague

For the past 17 years, I have worked in all facets of the Tabletop Game and Toy Industry and had a hand in the creation of over 100 games, from design and development to art direction and graphic/packaging design to production management, as well as numerous puzzle projects, events, and books.

Things I Can Do

I am currently in the process of creating tabletop games for three different game companies, and I have several game companies and independent game designers who contract my consulting services. I regularly give panels about game design, manufacturing, and intersectional inclusivity at game conventions and private events nationwide, including the GAMA Trade Show and Gamehole Con as an invited guest and as one of the alumni Industry Insider Featured Presenters at Gen Con. In addition to constantly designing new games and working on various game and puzzle projects with some of the biggest game companies in the industry, I currently consult for game companies and inventors alike, while taking on other geeky endeavors to feed my never-ending desire to do “everything”.

A Few Accomplishments

Check out a few of my latest products, including Apocrypha Adventure Card Game (Loneshark Games, 2017), Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widows Walk (Wizards of the Coast/Avalon Hill, 2016), Girls on Games: A Look at the Fairer Side of the Tabletop Industry (Lizard King Creative, 2016), and all of the Geek Out! game editions (Playroom Entertainment, 2013-2017)! Stay tuned for some new announcements and my newly designed website, coming soon!